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transgif.gif (810 bytes)transgif.gif (810 bytes)Affordable solutions for your businesses.

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Affordable solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.

Transparent Systems provides services to national and multi-national companies. The following list is to give an impression of the type of projects performed in the past years.

Our Customers
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Exclaim! Enterprises, Inc
(New York,USA)
Exclaim! Enterprises is redefining the way businesses and consumers think about wireless technology, by developing a range of consumer electronics devices, software and Internet-based tools that simplify and improve the efficiency of everyday tasks.
Extranet for Investors 
The extranet for investors creates a separate section in the web site where investors can login. The investor web pages and files are protected by PHP script and a MySQL database. The system is running on a Linux server.
Customer comment
Oh, sure... I'll tell ANYONE that asks me about a job for their site to come to you. You truly did a great job and I will recommend you anywhere I go.

Thanks a million. You did one hell of a job

Beeringer Rodey.

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iGlobe (USA)
iGlobe is an internet company specializing in internet reward systems.
With TreasureSurfing a member can earn real cash by surfing the Internet. Depending on the type of the transaction like shopping, subscribing to a service or downloading a file, a member gets a reward.
Customer comment
Thanks for the quick response...
Thanks for all the work you did...

Steve Kim

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Cynet7 (USA)


Cynet7 provides internet services like an Cynet City.
Registration System 
Design and development of a registration system for Cynet City. Cyber City is an online community. A new citizen can register via a web page. The system checks if the person already exists in the MS Access 97 database. Thereafter the users is added and a street number is assigned.
On the Windows NT server a background process is running that checks if a new user is registered. For each new user a user account is added to SAM, the user is added to the Cyber City users group, a street directory is added and the directory permissions are set. This sub system is coded in Visual C++.
The online authorization is not handled directly via the web browser, because a web browser logs on as an anonymous user. This user has limited permissions and rights on the system. The security of the registration process is automated and seamlessly integrated in the Windows NT security. A user account is set up. User account made member of group. Permissions are set on directory of user.
Customer comment
It has been a great pleasure working with you. This project is critical to the success of our site so it was important we selected a company that understood our needs. We were not disappointed. You far exceeded our expectations and were informative and helpful throughout the project (very important to non-programmers such as ourselves!)
I will definitely come back to you for other projects and highly recommend you to others seeking quality work at a fair price.

Tamera Jamison
Marketing Manager
CyNet7, L.L.C.

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Innovations 2000 (USA)


Innovations 2000 provides internet services.

Referral System (1998)
The purpose of the referral system to increase the number of people placing an order. A person can enroll into the referral program and gets a unique account number by a CGI program. Enrollees and Innovations 2000 are notified by an E-mail containing the account number. This tells the enrollee how to include a link on a web page. Whenever a user clicks on the link a CGI script will run on the server and store the account number. If an order is placed, a CGI program will get the account number corresponding with the client IP address and add this information to the order form. The order form is E-mailed to Innovations 2000.

The system can run on Windows NT and Unix. A parameter file stores information specific to the operation system in which the Referral System is running.

Customer comment
It has been such a pleasure working with you these past few weeks. We really needed the job done fast and at the right price. You excelled in both areas doing for us what we couldn't do for ourselves. Your professionalism and expertise have provided us with the custom programming we desperately needed. If the need arises in the future, you will be the first company we contact. Thank so much for a job well done.

Justin Mecham
Innovations 2000

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AMP (New Zealand)


AMP (Australian Mutual Provident Society) is an international Insurance company with offices in New Zealand and Australia.
AIM (Auditing Information Management)
AIM is a management information tool used by AMP Audit Services, New Zealand.The system consists of time registration, staff and audit information. After entering total number of hours to an audit activities and the resources available, the system will allocate the hours over the months and resources. Tasks are generated for a project based on a project profile. The status of each task in a project can be traced.
Term Life Hybrid (TLH)
The TLH system handles data and calculations for individual Life Insurances.
The system can be easily extended with different insurance types. This is because the system can be extended on the fly with so-called extensions.
Group Risk
The Group Risk system handles insurances for groups of people for companies.
The system can be easily extended with different insurance types. This is because the system can be extended on the fly with so-called extensions.

Customer comment
The AIM system was built to specification to allow the timely management of the Internal Audit function. Staff time sheets are recorded by job on a 30 minute break. Administrative as well as Productive and Chargeable tasks are maintained. Control of resources applied is monitored by task and by person. There are Key Milestones built in for reporting on multiple audit types. Its use is essential in providing indications of progress on audits and for administrative reporting on staff performance.

Ted Christiansen
Manager Auditing Services

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Tower (New Zealand)


Tower is an international Insurance company with offices in New Zealand and Australia.

Annuity System
The Annuity System stores information about annuities. Monthly payments are electronically processed by the MTS system of the Bank of New Zealand.

Cashflow System
The Cashflow System registers all incoming and outgoing cashflow transactions of Tower Group Services. Incoming money for a scheme is distributed over one or more investment managers according to a profile. Daily and weekly money is processed electronically via MTS, a telebanking system of the Bank of New Zealand.

Directors Election
This systems provides information for the yearly Directors Election. It retrieves information from databases like the Annuity and Stats System. Member data are imported from the SSS system.

Stats System
The Stats System provides statistical information about schemes.
Customer comment
Transparent Systems' work for us in building various applications using MS Access has been a significant success for our Company. From working with the users in defining specifications through to writing the Operating Manual for the installed system, their work has been very thorough and complete.

For further information contact:
Hilton Paul
Finance & Operations Manager
Tower Group Services Ltd
[email protected]

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Cycling New Zealand


Provides services to coaches and riders and organizes cycling events.
Cycling System
The Cycling System provides information about coaches, riders and events. Any address type can be stored. A coach can perform several roles and can follow courses. A rider can attend events and physiological data are stored. Address labels can be printed for coaches and riders with selection on address type, center or squad. Address list can be printed for the same selection criteria.
Customer Comment
The Cycling New Zealand rider and coaches database was developed by John Zoetebier. The result was a very professional and user friendly system that meets the requirements of the sport.
The system has the flexibility to grow as the programs develop. CNZ happily endorses the work from John Zoetebier.

Eddie Bright.
Director of Coaches
Cycling New Zealand

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