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VB Workbench for Access 2000
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VB Workbench is a Visual Basic code generator for an MS Access or Visual Basic project. During design of an MS Access database it generates a dictionary. The database can be linked to other databases, like MS Access, MS SQL Server, FoxPro etc. You can generate IO modules, form modules, standard and class modules. This is in general 90% of the work. As a programmer you only have to concentrate on functions that are specific for the project. IO and validation code is ready to use. If there are changes to the database later on, just generate the code again.
The code is automatically exported to an MS Access front-end.
In case of a VB project the code is exported only. Programmer needs to import files into project.
The programmer has a choice of generating ADO and DAO code. ADO is the database technology used in Internet projects.
You can use ADO code directly in ASP pages.
 Alternatively you can encapsulate the code in a COM object, thereby protecting your intellectual property.

IT manager
This product can save your company tens of thousands of dollars on both desktop and Internet projects.
The code generated is stable, reliable and robust and does not need to be maintained. This shortens your deadline considerably.
Your programmer can learn this product in a few days time. Thereafter they can generate rock solid, standard and well documented code. Only project specific functions have to be added later on to the project. As the skeleton of the system is already in place your programmers can built project specific functions on top of robust code. All your systems will have the same standard quality software. 
This will considerable reduce maintenance costs of your systems.

Customer  Statement
Statement from Ranjit Mathew, development manager of Panther Exports in India.
"Just for your information, we have completed a local project using VB Workbench and are onto another one due to start on Monday.
We are delighted because of  the time it saves, all round, not to mention cost."

Product Details

Version 2.3 , released May 2000
Operating system: Windows 32 bit platforms (95, 98, NT and Win2000)
Purpose: Generate data dictionary and generate Visual Basic code from MS Access database
Short description: During development of an MS Access database a data dictionary is generated.
Thereafter IO modules, form  modules, standard  modules and class modules are generated and exported.
Development tools: MS Access 2000, Visual Basic, Visual C++
Multi user Yes
Code generated is multi user as well.
Comparison with Access 97 version Generates:
DAO (Data Access Objects) code
ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) code

ADO is the database technology used in ASP pages and COM objects.

Price US$ 20
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More info VB Workbench
Download VB Workbench VBWorkbench2000.exe(3 Mb)
Example VB Workbench API VBWAPI.exe
Download link readme.txt (17 Kb) (Link for download sites)

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